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Micro tube with “Inner diameter : φ10μm”,
“Outer diameter : φ20μm” and “Wall thickness : 5μm”
Produced by electroforming, Micro Tube with the wall thickness
5μm of nickel is available at your options. And uniform Au plating
can be taken inside Micro Tube.

Uniform and smooth Au plating inside Micro Tube
Micro Tube has features of “uniform Au plating inside”, “spotless
surface smoothness”and “highly precise cylindricalness and

coaxialness”,which are produced by our original processing and

have advantages more than the existing technology of plating.

Cutting technology
At the cut surfaces, there are no burr and no deformation and highly
performed precision is available by our original cutting process.
Min. length : 0.10 mmplating : At your option

How to produce Micro Tube by electroforming
Nickel plating (electrodeposition) is taken on electric wire which
is used for both a mold and electrode.
The wire is removed after that, and pipe-shaped Micro Tube is finally procured.
The diameter of the wire is conformed to the inner diameter of
Micro Tube, as well as the surface smoothness. by the same token.

Tokyo University of Technology investigated the property of Micro Tube.

Ni of Micro Tube TEM (X 450,000)
Young’s Modulus by renitency test

   Crystalline Dimension and Mechanical Properties of Electroformed Ni super-micro tubes
     Crystalline dimension and Young’s Modulus of Electroforming Ni super-micro tubes were
     investigated. In X-ray spectroscopic analysis, broader diffraction peak spectra were observed
     and it indicated a small size multi-crystalline structure. In SEM and TEM analyses, 15 〜 55 nm
     size multi-crystalline structures were observed. By mechanical measurements, the average
     Young’s modulus was 167 GPa and this value is about 80 % of ordinary Ni material. This means
     that Electroforming Ni super-micro tubes have suitable elastic properties as for contact probe